auxiliary pump

auxiliary pump
yardimci pompa

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  • auxiliary pump — noun a supplementary pump available if needed • Syn: ↑donkey pump • Hypernyms: ↑pump …   Useful english dictionary

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  • auxiliary fuel pump — An electrical driven pump that supplies fuel to the engine either while starting or in the case of failure of an engine driven pump …   Aviation dictionary

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  • auxiliary drive shaft — A secondary drive shaft which powers the fuel pump, water pump, or distributor …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • auxiliary shaft — In an overhead cam engine, a separate shaft that drives devices such as the fuel pump, the oil pump, and the distributor …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • donkey pump — noun a supplementary pump available if needed • Syn: ↑auxiliary pump • Hypernyms: ↑pump * * * noun also donkey ( s) : an auxiliary pump …   Useful english dictionary

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